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> OUR MISSION – “The American Institute of Clinical Massage creates valuable, well-trained massage therapists for the spa and health care fields of the Inland Northwest by educating its students with advanced teaching methods and clinical practice. We work with and throughout the community to determine what employers need. We work to produce graduates that possess those skills and exhibit those qualities. AiCM works tirelessly to update course work and clinicals so that our graduates have the latest massage skills in both the spa and medical fields. We continuously study and evaluate student outcomes and institutional goal achievements and use these to improve our efforts for our students, staff, employers, and the community.”

AiCM has a staff of instructors and an international array of adjunct faculty who teach a variety of courses in the field of Therapeutic and Medical Massage. To ensure quality education, the maximum size per class has been established to be no more than thirty students to one instructor. The minimum size per class will be ten students to one instructor. Pictured below are AiCM’s permanent faculty.

> Jeane Plastino-Wood • AiCM President
Ms. Plastino-Wood, a licensed massage therapist, has been the director of AiCM since 1995. Since the beginning of her practice in 1993, she has viewed the field of therapeutic massage as a life-long endeavor.
> Jerry Kilmer • Director of Education
> Carrie Pierce • Director of Finance
> Jackie Guilbeault • Registrar

AiCM uses national and international adjunct faculty to teach specific classes in the massage program as well as the Continuing Education program.