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Shiatsu Hurt?

The massage technique known as Shiatsu treats the body bringing many important benefits and preventive.


Whenever we have a session of massage, we can feel achy in certain regions. This is because that region tense that needed to be stimulated was with increased accumulation of blocked energy, which can cause pain, both at the time of the tap and after the massage.
Some people claim that Shiatsu it hurts, only that this is a technique that involves stretching and pressure on certain specific points of the body, and is recommended in cases of headache, migraine, low back pain, stiff neck and other cases common to these.


The technique of Shiatsu does not cause pain, especially when the technical is a specialist, the client is in a comfortable position and wears clothes appropriate to the process of massage, as the therapist’s hands do not glide over the skin of the client as in other techniques, and the massage is done over clothes of the body.
Shiatsu can be applied on the tatami mats or straw mats on the floor, so it is important to make sure the comfort of the client to avoid the feeling of discomfort during the application of massage.


This technique has several benefits to the receiver, in between these benefits of Shiatsu are:

  • A sense of well being
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Relief of muscle pain
  • Improvement of migraine
  • Restoration of energy
  • Improves posture
  • Regulating the functioning of the organs (intestine, constipation…)
  • Regulation of blood pressure (low pressure or high pressure)
  • Anemia
  • Other…

In cases of persons who, because of age or by an accident, became unable to exercise, Shiatsu is indicated to compensate for this lack of movement, performing the necessary movements to avoid inflammation of the joints and muscle atrophy.
This technique also allows to occur an improvement in blood circulation, an activity that invigorates the functioning of the heart. It also promotes the increase of red blood cells and prevents anemia. It is a therapeutic method preventive of disease that has no contraindication.


Massage Relieves Pain Because it Improves the Circulation of the Blood

Popular wisdom says that what the eyes do not see the heart does not feel. And medicine complete: the body feels what the eyes see. The accumulated stresses at work, in transit and in payment of accounts often turn into muscle pain and one of the ways to relieve muscle pain is the massage.


The muscle tension is a protective mechanism of the body, of the times in which the human being lived in nature. In situations of danger, the brain sends the body is prepared, in the state of flight or fight, and the tension causes the muscle not to injure yourself when you get in on the action.

When we build up problems and not able to relax the mind, the body also do not relax, which should happen naturally. It is this excess tension, leaving the muscles sore.
The massage facilitates the process of relaxation of the muscles in several ways. When you knead the muscles, improves the circulation and distribution of blood – up because the heat caused by the friction dilates the vessels. The muscle becomes more well-nourished and relaxed, and the pain is relieved.

In addition, massage stimulates receptors scattered throughout the body that react to temperature, pressure and touch. These stimuli are sent to the brain, which responds with a command to the muscles to relax.
As the temperature has a great influence, the hot water is an ally of the massage time to relax the muscle, and can even resolve the pain lighter. Hot water bottle, wet towel, and even a good bath are all ways to treat the pain. The water just can’t be too hot, do not burn the skin.
Another type of muscle pain that massage can relieve they are the nodes. The muscle fibers if you entangle and form small lumps – which are the nodules. It is as if the muscle that we in itself, and therefore it is target. The pain that these nodules cause does not sticks to the local. It can reflect in other muscle or so if you generalize over the entire body.

As well as the massage can help a lot to relieve the muscle pain, it may not give results when the source of the pain is another. In some cases, it is contraindicated since it can mask more serious problems or worsen the pain.
People with muscle injuries and severe circulatory problems should not receive massage. The same goes for those who have infections, fever, or sores on the skin.


What is Massage Therapy Integrative

massage therapy integrativeYou know what is massage therapy integrative and what are its benefits?
Massage therapy integrative is a collection of massage techniques with therapeutic purposes, mainly for relaxing the muscles, where the professional therapist applies pressure on deep muscles and bones.
In addition to her work in handling traditional, this massage technique also has as a basis to rebalance the body’s energies, acting, therefore, in the fields both physical and emotional.
Let’s see more about the massage therapy integrative and its benefits to our physical and emotional health. Check it out!


By acting in the manipulation of the tissues, the massage therapy integrative blood circulation improves and is able to provide the elimination of toxins from the body, it stimulates the immune system which is our natural defense.
Among other benefits, we can highlight:

  • Reduces pain of spine
  • Active memory
  • Accelerates the healing
  • Improves the pain of the joints
  • Improves the physical and mental well being
  • Decreases pain in the period of menstrual cramps
  • Decreases stress
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Reduces muscle fatigue


Massage therapy integrative is seen as a therapy somatic, and this means that she uses many techniques to treat various problems and pains, but the goal of therapy somatic is to show that the therapeutic massage integrative is not only to heal the pain, to resolve the problems of the emotional part also. A good example is the depression that does not cause pain external, more a great wear emotional that may result in other diseases.


This time will vary from person to persons. Some of the people who perform the therapeutic massage integrative, claim that after the first session have felt a change as well significant. Other already claim that took longer to see any results. This response depends on your body and do not massage or professional.


This massage is known for reconciling the various eastern and western techniques, in addition to using various stretching. These practices give a great improvement on the part respiratory and are ideal for people who feel too tired or have any breathing problem.


Massage therapy, integrative technique is very interesting to reconcile the knowledge of different techniques of massage and energy, fundamental to operate in the field of physical and emotional.


Job market massage therapy

massage therapyHere in Brazil, the job market of massage therapy and the massage in general are gaining more and more space as treatments increasingly valued due to its own beneficial results.
It is quite common to enthusiasts and aspiring masseuses to wonder if working with massage is good for you, if there is a market of work in this area, and where a massage therapist can act.
The field work of the massage therapist is well spacious and well rewarding professionally as we will see in this article.


Generally, the professional spiritists act as stand-alone with attendings private, or they can work as contractors in nursing homes, spas, gyms, beauty clinics, and events, among others.
Today, the massage has taken a huge space in national and multinational companies that eventually will hire therapists to do massage on their employees during work hours.
The concept of massage is changing and the population in general is becoming acquainted with the vision that a massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic.
This change of vision to break many taboos and this is a great advantage for those who are entering in the market of massage therapy.
By working most of the time as a stand-alone, it is not possible to determine a value of the average wage.


For those interested in becoming a massage therapist, know that it is not necessary some of the virtues as manual ability, sensory perception and intuitive listening skills, holistic vision, like interacting with other people, have good hand-eye coordination, and be a person attentive.
Usually, those most interested in the market of work with massage are people interested in the process of self-discovery, helping others, getting to know the abode of the essence – the body.
Many professionals come from other areas that are not connected to the area of health, in the pursuit of personal knowledge and become masseuses, and there are also those who seek this training in search of a new profession.


To be a massage therapist it is necessary to take a course of a minimum of 1200 hours (approximately 1 year and a half) with supervised internships in which the student learns to apply various therapeutic techniques manual (massage eastern and western, stretching, breathing, etc.) based on most of the time in traditional chinese medicine or ayurveda.
Of course, the most esteemed in the area in Santa Catarina is a Technical Course in massage therapy from the Institute Fisiomar, in Itajaí. The course is focused on practice, where students have the opportunity to exercise the knowledge acquired in the classroom both in the other students, as well as in the outpatient clinics, where there is service to the community.


We can conclude that there is a broad field where the massage therapist can work, because there is existing demand in the market for people with technical training, and should continue to grow. In the area of massage therapy there is a shortage of those who may offer a practical way and with a broad knowledge in the provision of these services.
“Massage therapy offers a moment of ascension, the person is back to their roots, learning the natural techniques, and there is a growing demand from people for an oasis, where you can relax and experience the process of introspection.”


Which is the ideal environment for the client to receive massage?

environment for massage therapy

“To create a favorable environment for the massage is just as important as the massage, so think about the environment with great care. Since you have privacy massage can be done anywhere, on a duvet , on the floor or on the table, on the couch, in any room in the house, in the garden .”

Check out some tips for leave the perfect environment and your client have the best advantage of the massage:

  • The environment should be prepared in advance. Do not forget to supply your room with bed linen and towels (preferably white) and oil for massage enough;
  • Everything should be ready to avoid you to quit looking things up and stop the massage;
  • Check the temperature of the room, it should be hot enough to promote a physical and mental relaxation without being stifling;
  • Know that if you stay with the heat and sweat while applying the massage, the temperature of the body of your patient falls while the tension is released;
  • The benefits of massage will be void if the muscles become tight and stiff in relation to the cold;
  • It is ideal that there is no air current in the room, but she should be well-ventilated to allow for healthy circulation of the air;
  • Natural light is preferable, or the flame of a candle can bring a special mood;
  • The environment has to be clean and cozy, low lighting, and music in low volume that induces relaxation;
  • Turn off the tv, mutes the sound from the external environment (traffic, depending on the location of your environment of massage), and put a relaxing music to your environment if complete;
  • Use creams and oils of good origin, and in the case of oils, having a carrier (neutral no-smell – ex. grape seed oil – great moisturizer and antioxidant) in the event that the client has an allergy to any smell;
  • Always keep towels, face, TNT or linen, stretcher (with hole for the face), and the paper sheet;
  • Roll in for the ankles – prone, and roll for the region poplítea – supine are interesting accessories;
  • If you need to use the glove: for contagious diseases in a small part of the body of the client, not to massage the site, and the case is in the whole body is contraindicated. And when there is any wound is in the hand of the massage therapist or in the body of the client, also use;
  • A good tip: when you use an oil or cream new in your client, pass in a region very small in the body, while doing an interview and then note if you have had a reaction in the skin, in case you have gotten a redness or itching, avoid using them.



The new recommendation indicates massage instead of drugs for lower back pain.

The RIVER — THE American College of Physicians (ACP, acronym in English) announced on Monday the new recommendations for the treatment of patients with low back pain. Leave the drugs, especially the opioids, those therapies do not pharmaceutical, as surface warming, massage, and acupuncture. If drugs are required, the guidelines suggest the prescription of nsaids and muscle relaxants.

— We have to look at therapies do not the pharmaceutical first, ” said Nitin Damle, president of the committee of ACP, in an interview to the “New York Times”. — This is a change.
In the guideline previous, approved in 2007, the first recommendation was to “consider the use of medications with proven benefits”. For most patients, said the entity, “options medication first-line, are anti-inflammatory drugs not nsaids, and paracetamol”. In the review, published now, the ACP warns that acetaminophen “has proved ineffective for acute low back”.

According to the association, back pain is one of the most common reasons for the search of a doctor, and about a quarter of american adults say they have faced this problem at least once in the last three months. Low back pain is classified as acute when it lasts less than four weeks; subacute, between four and 12 weeks; and chronic when it persists for more than 12 weeks.

Acute pain and subagudas improve with time regardless of treatment. In this way, “doctors and patients should choose treatments non-pharmacological such as surface warming, massage, acupuncture or spinal manipulation”.
— Pain lumbar spine has a natural course and does not require intervention, ” said James Weinstein, director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire.
But even for patients with chronic low back pain, the ACP recommends as a first alternative therapies without the use of drugs:

“Exercises, rehabilitation, multidisciplinary, acupuncture, stress reduction, tai chi, yoga, exercise, motor control, relaxation, progressive, electromyography, therapy low level laser therapy, functional and cognitive behavioral and spinal manipulation showed improvement in symptoms, with a low risk of damage,” says the new recommendation. “The ACP emphasizes that therapies physical must be administered by professionals with appropriate training”.

If the patient does not have an adequate response, physicians should consider the pharmacological treatment with anti-inflammatory non-steroids as a first line, and tramadol, and duloxetine as a second option.
“Doctors should only consider opioids as an option in patients who failed on previous treatments, and only if the potential benefits exceed the risks,” says the entity.
— What we need to do is to stop medicalizing symptoms, ” said Weinstein. — I know that your back hurts, but go for a run, be active, instead of taking a pill.


Stay free from back pain with massage

During the rush of the day-to-day, have you counted how many times you have devoted a few hours out of your day to relax and get rid of stress? A few times, doesn’t it?

Any person is subject to live a stress situation. Traffic jams, problems at work, at home, changing jobs, divorce and illness can be responsible for tension caused by stress.

“Symptoms such as: insomnia, muscle tension, feeling of wear and tear constant, tingling, changes in mood, loss of interest in activities, difficulty concentrating, and memory, among other symptoms may be a sign that the level of your stress is high”, says Tatiana Baccini, physiotherapist dermato-functional.

If you feel these symptoms often, perhaps it is time to relax a little and get rid of these nuisances. In this case, some massages can help cope with the stress. “The massage is an ally of people who are stressed out often and feel a muscle strain,” says the physiotherapist.


Check out below the main techniques used:


For those who do not know, shiatsu is a japanese word which means pressure (atsu) finger (shi). Generally, the session lasts 60 minutes.

The massage is done with finger pressure on various vital points of the body to rebalance energy and promote a feeling of well-being. The technique acts on the meridians that relate to the internal organs. Massage benefits the muscular system, the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urinary, and reproductive.

Relaxing Massage

With gentle movements, slow and firm in all the body, a relaxing massage has the purpose of promoting the relief of tension and stress. Moreover, it improves the blood circulation. Usually, this massage is done in a quiet environment so that the customer can switch off and relax.

The ‘Candle Massage’

The ‘Candle Massage’ is an innovative technique of massage american that makes use of vegetable waxes natural, non-toxic and suitable for this purpose, formulated from nutritional substances such as vitamin E. essential Oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender and various other essences are also present in the mix, helping in the relaxation process along to the heating of the body. The feeling of physical comfort, relieving stress, fatigue and pain are achieved through the pleasant odor, temperature and light pressure movements on the body.


Technique performed through the application of pressure to points on the feet which reflect the internal organs. Massage is indicated to relieve tension, activate circulation and enhance the vitality of the body.

Massage with Hot Stones

The massage is performed with warm volcanic stones and are placed in each of the seven chakras of the body. These stones are deslizadas gently all the muscles, without the contact of hands of the professional with the body of the one who receives the procedure.

The therapy with hot stones helps to keep the state of harmony, promoting stress relief, increased blood circulation, sense of joy and well-being, relief of muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.

Ayurvedic Massage

This massage contributes to the balance between the mind and the body. The technique is done by means of slips and stretches, by means of plant oils and essences that stimulate circulation.

The Ayurvedic promotes postural realignment, stress relief, strengthens the immune system and has anti-stress effects on the body. In addition, it promotes greater flexibility of the body. It is indicated for those who have muscle aches, migraines, back problems, stress and depression.


Oils for Massage

oils for massageThe oils for massage are very important for your application during the session. They serve to prevent that from occurring friction painful between the hands of the masseuse and the skin of the client, in addition to release aromas that promote relaxation, comfort and well-being, in addition, hydrate the skin and make it more beautiful and healthy.
There are several types of massage oils available in the market, each with potential beneficial properties for the skin. We’ll list now some of the types of oil for massage so that you learn the difference and usage of each one of them. This way you will be able to know what is the best oil for your purpose. Let’s go to the list?

The massage oils recommended to treat and moisturize the skin, damaged by sun or dry, are: essential oil of aloe vera, essential oil of sandalwood and oil of orchid.
Although all types of massage oils are moisturizing, these mentioned above have a larger capacity hydration.

The relaxing essential oils exude aromas that promote comfort and makes the client feel well-being, they are: essential oil of orchid, melissa and lavender. The oil of melissa decreases the anxiety and nervousness, while the oil of the orchid relaxes the muscles and calms down. Lavender is a soothing natural.

The massage applied to relieve tensions and muscle aches should be accompanied by essential oils of chamomile, which acts on the pain caused by poor posture and intense workouts, and eucalyptus essential oil that relieves muscle aches and pains, arthritis, and rheumatism.

The essential oil indicated for skin with propensity to infections, is the lavender oil. This oil has antiseptic properties and wound healing, also work on insect bites and pimples.

The oils most suitable to maintain the firmness of the skin and cellular regeneration, are the almond, aloe vera and juniper.
The almond oil is rich in vitamins A and e, in addition to minerals essential for skin beauty. The juniper oil has the function of firming skin and slows the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
Already the oil of aloe vera has moisturizing properties and vitamin E. vitamin E is important to keep the cells forever young.

It is worth mentioning that these Meet the benefit of the essential oils should be used together with a carrier oil, such as grape seed Oil.


Treatment for bloating and cellulite.

What is lymphatic drainage?

drainage linfática_16462_35292
Lymphatic drainage activates the ganglions and reduces fluid retention
Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system – a complex network of vessels that move fluids through the body – work more fast. Among the main benefits of the method are the reduction of fluid retention, activation of blood circulation, combat cellulite, and even relaxation in the body.

To better understand how it acts, it is essential to know the structures that compose this system, the lymph and the lymph nodes:

The lymphatic system works as a third circulation, as well as the arterial and the venous, and lymph is the fluid that circulates through this network of lymphatic vessels. It is rich in proteins, white blood cells, micro-organism, dead cells, blood cells, and can also carry bacteria and toxins. Your appearance is viscous and yellowish. The lymph, as well as the blood exchanges the metabolism with the cells and then is collected by the vessels of the lymphatic system, returning to the lymph nodes.

Already the lymph nodes, or lymph nodes, are found throughout the body. They are an important part of the immune system. Its function is to help the body recognize and fight germs, infections and other foreign substances. It is for them that the lymph collected of the vessels is directed to be filtered.

The common areas where the lymph nodes can be felt through palpation, include:

– Groin;
– Armpit;
– The neck (there is a chain of lymph nodes on either side of the neck);
– Below the jaw and chin;
– Behind the ears;
– On the back of the head.

The objectives of the lymphatic drainage.

The function of the lymphatic drainage is to remove the lymph that is accumulated between the cells, which can be caused by a delay of the person in the production of the lymph, for example, or by the difficulties of absorption by the cells. With this stimulation, there is the reduction of the swelling and improves the appearance of cellulite. The procedure also improves the circulation in general, relaxes the body and can act discretely on the combat the fat – once the massage increases the metabolism of the place.

The transportation of fat – mostly in the form of triglycerides – and vitamins is done by the lymph from the intestine and empties into the liver being metabolized and sending to the circulatory system the nutrient and blood volume in a way balanced. Therefore, when there is an improvement in the lymph circulation, there is also greater oxygenation of the tissues of the body, which improves the appearance of cellulite and localized fat.

But don’t be fooled, the lymphatic drainage do not lose weight by itself! It will help to reduce measures, to end up with the swelling and eliminate toxins from the body. But to get more effective results need to be addressed in healthy habits like a balanced diet and practice physical exercises.

How is the lymphatic drainage.

For that to be effective, the lymphatic drainage must be made about the path of the lymph vessels towards the lymph node. When done manually, the movements are light, with pressure in the bracelet.

Each region of the body demands different movements, always ending in some lymph node. In the legs, the movements are upwards: from the leg to the fossa poplítea (the back of the knee), thigh up to the groin. In the belly of the movement must be done until the groin. Already in the arms and chest, the movements will go the way of the armpits.

It is also possible to do lymphatic drainage on the face, always heading toward the lymph nodes, this time on the neck. Finally, the scalp can also be something of massage, mainly in two points: in the upper part of the skull and the second a little further down towards the temples.

The lymphatic drainage can be done with the help of apparatus of endermologie, which have mechanisms of vacuum, and bearing – but it is not as efficient as the manual, because in the last the professional can inspect the area to be massaged and work more deprived areas. To be more efficient, it is recommended that the professional to do the emptying of the lymph nodes lymph nodes, with circular movements in a clockwise direction, before draining the lymph in your direction.

The number of sessions needed lymphatic drainage
This is a treatment that should be done frequently to get results. You can even learn the movements and to do lymphatic drainage on yourself at home, every day. Or, if you prefer to make with a professional can be a up to three times per week.

The regular repetition is important because, when a person stops doing the lymphatic drainage, fluid retention back. In a week it is already possible to feel again the edema, but it varies from the relationship between weight and height, even excessive consumption of sodium, and whether or not there is adequate intake of fiber.

Professionals who can do
Lymphatic drainage should be carried out by qualified professionals such as physical therapists and spiritists.

Contraindications of lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic drainage is contraindicated for people with infection, since the infected cells may fall in the lymphatic system and spread more easily by the body. Patients with risk of vascular such as heart failure, thrombosis and hypertension decompensated should also avoid the treatment. Patients who are using some specific remedies for the treatment of chemotherapy are also contraindicados, for there is the possibility of remains tumor of cancerous cells are captured in the lymph nodes and metastizados other organs of the body.

It is not necessary a prescription to do lymphatic drainage, but it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to see if the technique is indicated and it will work.

Pregnant can you do?

Not only can and should! Edema, or fluid retention, is a common problem in pregnancy, and the drainage is perfect to reduce this nuisance. She can even help you prevent cellulite and stretch marks, slows down the swelling body at the end of the day.

However, this drain can only be made with the endorsement of the doctor! This usually occurs from the third month of pregnancy, and the massage must be differentiated, since it should not drain the abdominal region and breast, and yes just make sliding motions soft. The pregnant woman can not stay down and therefore the drain on the back is made with the patient side.

When the lymphatic drainage goes wrong.

The lymphatic drainage may not leave bruises on the body, this means that some blood vessel was ruptured. Typically, this happens when the professional who is applying the technique with a mixture with the massage, modeling, or other types of treatments. Even so, not even the model should leave that kind of mark.

The results of lymphatic drainage.

The general benefits of lymphatic drainage, such as the improvement of swelling (edema), can be felt immediately. Already in the case of cellulite, the results depend on a number of factors, such as diet, smoking, stress, and the degree of cellulite, you must first change the habits that cause fluid retention. On the frames, more advanced, are required more sessions of lymphatic drainage are to be seen the results.

Combining lymphatic drainage with…

Balanced diet

The results of this treatment to improve the circulation is much greater if the patient is eating well. Reduce the amount of sodium, for example, helps a lot to decrease the fluid retention, one of the problems addressed by the lymphatic drainage. And the sodium is not only present in the salt, it is very common in processed foods, even sweet desserts such as biscuits, stuffed, juice powder and soft drinks.

On the other hand, it is worth to include more fiber in your diet, because it improves the intestinal transit and with this there is a also improves the fluid retention.

Fluid intake

It may seem ironic, but the more liquids you drink, the less retention you will have! This is because our body has a balance with the big water, therefore, the less it is available in the body, the more it will be retained ? and the less she will be eliminated in the urine, for example. Even so, ensure that your body is always well hydrated helps to reduce retention, increasing your lymphatic drainage.

Regular physical activity

Not help, increase the amount of physical activity will always be shown when the subject is health. In the case of drainage, the exercise increases the oxygenation of the body, which favors the action of your lymphatic drainage.


10 Massage Techniques Bizarre

For us brazilians, some massage techniques may seem bizarre, while that for the natives of other cultures are techniques fully common

You worked all day or is very busy with his studies and needs a moment just for you to receive a nice relaxing massage and relieve the stress of the day-to-day, but oops… Behold, you will receive the invitation to receive a massage bizarre.
Yes it is true dear readers. Doing a brief search on the internet I came across several massage techniques (massage?) unusual, or bizarre, if you prefer. For us brazilians, are strange techniques, but to the natives, massage thoroughly common!
We’ll list now 10 massage techniques more strange and bizarre in the world. Check out each one of them.


Some brazilians prefer to receive massage techniques more vigorous, such as the Shiatsu, for example, while others prefer techniques more relaxing. And massage with a tickling sensation, have you thought to?
In Madrid, in Spain, the CosquilleArteSpa adopted this technique for their clients. Instead of doing the massage by pressing the muscles, the therapist uses just the tip of the fingers and feathers in a dark environment, soft music, and incense.
According to the creator, Isabel Aires, she decided to open the first Spa tickling in the world after realizing that there was no service like that available in the market. Still, according to the creator, in the beginning of the session, the clients feel a tickling sensation and even writhe, but after a time become accustomed with the technique.
A session of 30 minutes costs about €25,00 (around R$86,00) and the session of 1 hour is about €45,00 (about R$111,00).

Massage with tickling


With the aim to hydrate the skin of those who receive this technique, the Resort Four Seasons, located in the Mexico offers this massage with the cost of$250.00 (about$ 800.00) for their clients. According to the Resort, there is no kind of pain for the client as the sharp spikes of the cactus are removed before the session.

Massage with cactus


Imagine that you are in pain in the lumbar region and in need of a nice massage. That such an elephant masseuse? Huh?
In a tourist park in Chiang mai, in Thailand, an elephant has helped thousands of clients relieve back pain. The elephant weighs about 3 tons, was trained to perform the pressure on the back. According to his coach, it is guaranteed that the elephant will not crush any of his clients. (How can you ensure this???)
The session of massage with elephant costs approximately US$10.00 (about R$32,00) and has a duration of 30 minutes.

Massage with elephants


The massage with knives is a technique the chinese relaxation that already has over 2000 years of creation.
These massages are performed on the streets and sidewalks of China, Taipei and Taiwan.
This technique uses the meridian points and is highly sought after to relieve stress and muscle aches.
The cost of a session is approximately US$3.00 (about R$9,60) and has a duration of 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Massage with knives


If for some brazilians, the snails are extremely disgusting, to know that there are people willing to shell out big money to perform a facial massage.
According to the creator of the technique, Yelena Baranchukova, this technique is able to help the acceleration of the regeneration of the skin, eliminate wrinkles and scars.
This technique of massage with snails african can be found in the clinical aesthetics of Krasnoyarsk, in Russia.

Massage with snail


Venice, Italy, is considered by many as one of the most romantic cities in the world. And it is exactly in this city that there is another technique of massage one as much as curious: the massage on the shelves.
In this technique offered by the Spa Casanova, which is in the Hotel Cipriani, the massage is carried out outdoors with a special oil so that the client does not burn with the sun’s rays.
The therapy is performed while the tour is conducted in boats during tours through the lagoons of the main sights of the city.

Massage in a gondola


According to a traditional belief in China, to cut the hair of the child on the second day of the second lunar month in the chinese brings good luck for the baby’s development.
The catches above, was carried out in 2012 in a nursery school in Hefei, located in Anhui province, China, while the father massaged the head of the child with boiled eggs after the completion of the cutting of hair.

Massage with eggs


Imagine that you are doing a trip through Thailand and is invited to receive a massage that promises to improve wrinkles, reverse signs of aging and fine tune the face. No wonder? Just that suddenly… you take a slap! Yes a beauty of a slap in the face.
Found it strange? Because they know that this technique (Thai Face Slapping) called “slap in the face thai” and “massage boxeadora” is performed by Mawin and Tata New World Series and has called a lot of attention, because only 10 people in the world know the technique that was brought up by his grandmother.
Outside of Thailand, only in san Francisco in the USA offer this type of technique.

Massage with tapas


During the winter months it is common for hospitals traditional chinese performing the treatment with the fire in their patients.
According to the professionals, this massage prevents the flu and colds and do not cause any type of pain for those who receive it.
This massage is carried out with a piece of cloth that contains a substance flammable and is placed on top of the person and burned down soon afterward.

Massage with flames


Massage with snakes has already been extensively covered in our blog, but it’s worth listing here as well.
This is a technique performed with four snakes with approximately 250kg joints of the kind Crampon, glide on those who venture in this technique for about 15 minutes.
It is worth mentioning that, prior to the session, the snakes are fed 10 chickens each. Better to make sure right?
This technique is carried out in the zoo, Cebu City Zoo, located in the Philippines and according to the manager of the zoo Giovanni Romarate, visitors feel fear only at the beginning of the massage. After a time, begin to relax the grip of cold snakes.

Massage with snakes


Sure, these massages bizarre listed in this article are strange, controversial and why not to say disgusting for us brazilians. However, it is not our focus to trivialize the therapeutic massage, and much less to debunk such techniques mentioned.
It is worth mentioning that these massages may be bizarre to us, while that are therapeutic in other cultures. It is information and respect for the “different”.

Obs.: The quotation used as a reference was US$ 1.00 = R$ 3.20, and €1,00 = R$3.47.